We created an initial mission statement through a collaboration between our interim board and a number of fans from the wider group who had shown an initial interest in the Trust’s formation back in April 2016.

This is open to debate, and challenge, but we think it sets some useful context for our short term activity:

  • To help safeguard the long term future of Nottingham Forest
  • To cultivate and strengthen a positive relationship between Nottingham Forest, its supporters and the local community
  • To act as an independent, effective and democratically-organised means of constructive communication between the club and its supporters

We also created a set of ‘ultimate aims’ at the same time, again open to debate and discussion:

  • To encourage supporter representation on the club’s board
  • To acquire shares in the club, thus formally creating a supporters’ stake holding through the trust
  • To achieve ‘Asset of Community Value’ status for the City Ground, thus ensuring the ground could not be sold without consultation with community groups